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mardi 18 novembre 2008

Live ! in 3D !

Samavan is a very talented 3D artist who works in Japan! Today he just send me the link to his 3D portfolio, made with Quest, a 3D application who allow you to make 3D interactive walkthough. I was really happy and surprised that he put 3 models, inspired by some of my concept art. It's a shame these characters won't be used in a video game... Thanks a lot Sama.Van !!!

You can download the 3D portfolio here :http://samavan.com/sama.van_Portfolio_v0.2.exe

Left click to select a model, Right Click to rotate the camera, Middle Click to pan the camera, Mousewheel to zoom in and out.

The characters I designed are the three first models. (Check the concept art section at gorgonzola3000.com to see the design)