dimanche 7 décembre 2008

Resident Evil 5 demo, not only for japanese !

If you don't want to (or are too lazy) to create a japanese gold xbox live account, there's a way to get it.

All you need, is a blank DVD-/+R, a DVD writer, and BurnAware Free installed on your computer.
First, google "Resident Evil 5 demo iso (or) download"
I won't give you the link,as I'm not sure if it's legal.
Download the demo on your PC.
Create a folder named : "Content"
Extract the demo archive into that folder.
You should have a 4 levels folder :/Content/0000000000000000/434387F2/00080000/
and in the last level, one big file : F1DDFE89B7AB645A93E17B12DA7D91588B3255A343
Run BurnAware
Insert your blank DVD
In Burn Aware : choose "create a Data DVD"
in the new window : click : "Add".
Click the "Content" folder once, then click "Add" and "OK".
Click the "Compilation" tab, and "Preferences"
Tick "Define the speed before writing", click "OK"
Now, click the Big Red button
and choose the right writing speed (x8 is good)
Wait the end of the writing process.
Load your DVD into the Xbox360
The Xbox 360 should detect the DVD as a Multimedia Disk (or something like that)
Go to your Games Library, and got to the Demos section.
Resident Evil 5 should appear in the list (with some japanese characters).
Launch it !!! and have fun !!!

I just finish playing it, and it went all beyond my expectations !!!
A lot similar to RE4 in the gameplay, but with updated gorgeous graphics ! The environment are rich and detailed with sharp textures. The lightning is really well done. Art direction is great.
The first level is an absolute nightmare (reminds me a lot the first level of RE4).
At first, I was a little bit sceptical about co-op play, but this mode is a great addition, and far more interesting than the GoW one. It's the first time that my boyfriend didn't mind to start a level again and again without loudly crying of frustration.
Now, I just have to hibernate waiting for the release date.