mardi 18 novembre 2008

I don't care about the Zombies...

I'm only interested in Francis.... Francis... Well, I think I found the Luuuuuuv'.
Unfortunatly, I can only meet Francis in the wonderful Valve game : Left4Dead, and everytime we see each other, we always are bothered by armies of Zombie (probably jealous people). Francis is so hot, than it will be difficult to think that the 3D artist who made him is not completly gay... or maybe he's really gay friendly. I must confess that Francis almost surpassed Frank West from Dead Rising in my heart.

It's curious, but the most amazingly hot guys in videogames, are often found in Horror/Zombies games :
- Francis from Left4Dead
- Frank West from Dead Rising
- Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5 or even from the gamecube remake of the first one.
- Leon Kennedy, Wesker from Re4

I guess the developper offer us some cuties to low down the pressure and stress occured during playing such games, or maybe it's because I only play survival games...

Anyway, here is my tribute to Francis :

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