jeudi 10 décembre 2009

Nightlife is not a free E-book.

Not, it's not.
so, for those who's downloading it (illegally).
first, you should be ashamed (gnagnagnagna).
This book has been colored by a very talented friend (Yann Duminil), written and drawn by talented authors, who did their best to offer you (not for free, obviously) a beautiful book.
I had the chance to read it and hold it in my hand, and I must say that the publisher did a great job. This book is a very beautiful work of art which deserves a place in you real life shelves, not in some filthy porn folder , mixed up with some random badly compressed porn movie or pictures.

Nightlife depicts really hot sex scene, but the set up is told very nicely, in a very smart and sensitive way. It goes far beyond a standard porn comics production.

If you don't know what you should offered or be offered to you... you should consider BUYING this book !