vendredi 23 avril 2010

5ive Progress Report

The game is still under "production". Core gameplay is now working well. There's still work to do, as I plan to add lots of features...

-Story Mode will be a sort of a dating sim. You'll have to know every NPCs intimaly to gain acces to more content.
-RPG system will help the player to progress more fluetly and to deal with more and more challenging levels. From very simple, the gameplay will turn to be more complex and deep. So The player will have to gain XP to level up, and acquire new skills, units, and costumes to help him.
-RTS / Defense system. In further levels and stages, the player will have to deal with waves of enemies, which will try to break. Main goal will be to clear the grid to reveal the "encrypted" picture, but also to protect and defend your "base". The player will be helped by special units which will have to be build using gathered ressources.
-Pet system. I'm not sure about this. But I think it will be an interesting addition. The pet will grow and could give the player efficient hints and assist him.
-More user friendly level editor. Maybe adding the possibility to create your own  story mode, and add custom NPCs and UI. It depends mainly on how I will deal with the dating sim part.

Core gameplay is done (which is actually the same as the previous version). And I finally add the possibility to do combos (clearing a line and a column as the same time).
Now, I'm working on the RTS aspect of the game. Things are starting to be quite interesting. And I'm very eager to see all this elements put together. I'll post an alpha version as soon the RTS components will be finished.

5ive  is still developped using Darkbasic Pro, and I switched for a 3D display, wich allow me to add more stuff and lighting effect. Performances are quite good for the moment.

You can still post your ideas and feedback on the 5 beta forum...