lundi 26 avril 2010

"Protection divine ?" Mon cul !

Here is the first page of a Dungeon Guards comic for Dokkun fanzine.
6 more left (yup, that will be a short story). Believe it or not, but it's the very first gay porn page I did in my entiiiiire life... I should get drunk to celebrate this day !

Oh, here is a approximate translation (so English speaking people can appreciate my script writing talent -hem!) :
-So, here is the only survivor
-That's even better !
-Get him down!
-I'm sorry to disturb you.
-View from here is quite... pleasant.
-But both of us have a lot of things to do.
-Perfect, that's really better like that.
-Dear friend, do you know what I hold in my hands ?
-Ung! A Pipe of Truth...
-It won't work on me.
-I'm under divine protection.