samedi 15 janvier 2011

Love this, Love That : KN'K - Start Something

I'm not used to talk about music. I'm not an expert, but a friend of mine made me listen to the band, he plays in, for live sessions. Which is was totally fortunate, because I was looking for a "fetish" album to listen to, to motivate me while I work. I found it.
The band is called "KN'K" and the just released their first album and generously shared it on SoundCloud.
This is typically the kind of music I can listen all day, shaking my head, and bouncing all around my bedroom, or make me work faster and help me being creative. We can say that it was "love at first sight (or listening)". This is rare to listen to some music that resonates instantly in yourself (that can happen if you put your IPod in the wrong place, though).
So this first album is called "Start Something", and we can say they started and achieved an awesome something. If you're into Electro Pop, if you love Depeche Mode (the voice of the singer is sometime very close), and fun and smart music like Hot Chip, but with a more dramatic, "heavy" and "tough" sound, listen and love it now .