vendredi 5 décembre 2008

Resident Evil FOREVER !!!

I don't why, but these days was like that every single moment I spent was entirely dedicated to Resident Evil.

I can't wait to the RE5 demo coming online on the XBox Live (already available in Japan, but, unless you have a japanese GOLD account, you're screwed). Resident Evil Degeneration is finally available on DVD (or watchable somewhere in the underground internet zone).Damn, this game is like a drug for me... I should do something to cure myself, like ... doing some nasty FanArts !!! (with an extra bonus : a 3D version !!! - of course you'll need some special glasses)

Here it is :
Regular version :

3D version :

If you didn't notice, this is a Resident Evil 5 Fan Art. You can see Chris Redfield climbing up a ladder, and next to him Shevan, the male version of Sheva :D .

About RE Degeneration (if my humble opinion interests you):

As I understood, the story takes place just before RE4 (The new parasite is not mentionned). After the Racoon City destruction, the case becomes public. As a consequence, Umbrella collapse, and finally is shut down. At the same time, bioterrorism is raising up. A new organisation, Terra Save, tries to control the WilPharma activities, and the experiences made on human subjects for a new vaccine. But the plague will soon start again, when an infected WilPharma employee is found sick in an airplane, resulting in a spectacular aircrash. The Virus T is back.

This CGI movie is a little bit disappointing. Story is too confusing, and most important, it doesn't look like a survival movie, but more like a Sci Fi one... But it's always a pleasure to see Leon Kennedy (as seen on RE4) again. Claire Redfield and all female characters look like "botoxed" barbie dolls... (maybe the weirdest creatures in that movie).
This film is really made for fans, and reminds a little bit of what Square did with FF Advent Children. Some flaws are similar : too much "fan service", story that could confuse or even bore viewers who don't know the RE saga... (my boyfriend slept during the film)... A little bit less of RE, and a little more of real zombie movie wouldn't hurt...

Anyway, Re Degeneration deserve a watch, more than the live action adaptation.

(oh, by the way, I need a French/English translator, or someone who can correct my poor grammar...thanks)

mardi 25 novembre 2008

Team Fortress 2

Someone at Y! gallery, gave me the idea. And I'm surprised not to have thought about it myself : making a fan art of Team Fortress 2. Art direction in this Valve (again!) game, is just absolutly stunning ! Characters are very stylish, funny and well done. It's a shame I can't play this game because my PVP skills are just too horrible... I try to stick to the art style of these beautiful artworks we can see during the loading screens... not easy at all... ENJOY !

samedi 22 novembre 2008

Back to School...

I recently played the PC Version of  Rockstar's Bully  (Scholarship edition). I have to admint there's something really sexy  about it. I don't know... Teens don't usually turn me on. But this Bully has something really cool and attractive. Let's not talk about the sport teacher...

Yeah, beside the "kind-of-erotic" acpect of this game (don't expect nudity or more), I strongly recommand it ! I like GTA series, but this Rockstar game is just pure fun, and I'm amazed by the content this game has to offer, lots of really fun activities (bullying buddies, making nasty tricks, sneaking into girls dorm, missing teaching classes, riding bike around the city, going to the funfair...). You'll never do the same thing twice, or you won't feel to do so. It's like GTA, but more fun, and Fable, with more balls.

Here is my little tribute...

mardi 18 novembre 2008

I don't care about the Zombies...

I'm only interested in Francis.... Francis... Well, I think I found the Luuuuuuv'.
Unfortunatly, I can only meet Francis in the wonderful Valve game : Left4Dead, and everytime we see each other, we always are bothered by armies of Zombie (probably jealous people). Francis is so hot, than it will be difficult to think that the 3D artist who made him is not completly gay... or maybe he's really gay friendly. I must confess that Francis almost surpassed Frank West from Dead Rising in my heart.

It's curious, but the most amazingly hot guys in videogames, are often found in Horror/Zombies games :
- Francis from Left4Dead
- Frank West from Dead Rising
- Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5 or even from the gamecube remake of the first one.
- Leon Kennedy, Wesker from Re4

I guess the developper offer us some cuties to low down the pressure and stress occured during playing such games, or maybe it's because I only play survival games...

Anyway, here is my tribute to Francis :