vendredi 18 décembre 2009

just a small notice:

If you have problems with "5" or if you want to give me feedback about the game, use the message board.
It's easier for me to answer to your request.

I won't use this blog anymore for "5".
Any "5" related informations will be found in this message board:

Sorry for the confusion.


Game is up !!!
All informations are here :

I'm so impatient to read your feedback !!!

Have fun !

jeudi 17 décembre 2009

The message board is almost ready. So you'll be able to download it tomorrow.
Here are some screenies of the five guys you'll find in the beta.

mercredi 16 décembre 2009

5 Beta : Puzzle game with nasty images in it.

Hello !

I'm very happy to announce you, that the very first version of 5 is finished.
Well, what is 5 ?

5 is a little puzzle game made all by myself.
I know that I should working on a Dungeon Guards instead. But I thought that would working on a small game before would help me practicing game coding.

And you know what, it did.

So here it is.

5 is a board game where players have to place token with colored number on it.
Only tokens with the same value or same color can be placed side by side. The goal is to clear the board, with lines or column of tokens.

If you're already are puzzle addicts, you should already know Alchemy. It's a little bit similar. But there's some twists:

First, making lines and column reveal parts of an image. And images are more and more interesting as you progress in the game (if you know what I mean). And there's also bonuses, as the "magic 5" who clears a line and column automatically.

Player can discard up to 8 token during a level, if the player discards more than 8 tokens, the game is over. But the player can discards bonuses as the star token and the magic five. If the player stack 3 stars, the stack will empty itself. If the player stacks 5 "magic 5" bonuses, the stage is completed.

So as you can see, rules are simple, but there's different ways to achieve a level.

And one big plus :
The game graphics are entirely customizable. You can also make your own levels very easyly with the small tool provided.

Beta version will have : 5 levels with 4 stages each.
plus, you can always add levels of your own, and share them.

Beta is not public , unfortunatly.

But if you're interested testing it, drop a comment, and I'll send you a link to the game.

Beta will be available as soon as the "official message board" will be online.

Here are some screenies :

Than can happen...

Custom level !!!

jeudi 10 décembre 2009

Nightlife is not a free E-book.

Not, it's not.
so, for those who's downloading it (illegally).
first, you should be ashamed (gnagnagnagna).
This book has been colored by a very talented friend (Yann Duminil), written and drawn by talented authors, who did their best to offer you (not for free, obviously) a beautiful book.
I had the chance to read it and hold it in my hand, and I must say that the publisher did a great job. This book is a very beautiful work of art which deserves a place in you real life shelves, not in some filthy porn folder , mixed up with some random badly compressed porn movie or pictures.

Nightlife depicts really hot sex scene, but the set up is told very nicely, in a very smart and sensitive way. It goes far beyond a standard porn comics production.

If you don't know what you should offered or be offered to you... you should consider BUYING this book !

mardi 1 décembre 2009

I don't work so fast...

4 hours work reduced into 3'30 minutes...
It's an opening sequence for a tutorial made for the fabulous Fabrissou (

I'll post the illustration later.


High quality video can be found here :