jeudi 29 avril 2010

Dungeon Guards - Still a mess !

Yup, still very very messy, especially without the colors. But hardest is finished, finally. So line work is over. Feew ! It was quite complicated because I wanted to be able to separate each character into their own illustration. There will a very big one with all the Dungeon Guards, and one for each member of the DG army.
Their are still background elements missing, but that will be added directly in the color process...

Xandros - Rogue

Toveyel - Druid

Nihil - Dark Elf Archer

Krakkorn - Warrior

Gaven - Dragon Tamer

Torbel - Holy Knight

and finally the Dungeon Guards, alltogether :

This picture is 2048*1024. It may looks big, but actually, compared to the full resolution picture, some details have disappeared and the picture is far less sharp. (Picture posted is 5 times smaller than the full res. one)

lundi 26 avril 2010

"Protection divine ?" Mon cul !

Here is the first page of a Dungeon Guards comic for Dokkun fanzine.
6 more left (yup, that will be a short story). Believe it or not, but it's the very first gay porn page I did in my entiiiiire life... I should get drunk to celebrate this day !

Oh, here is a approximate translation (so English speaking people can appreciate my script writing talent -hem!) :
-So, here is the only survivor
-That's even better !
-Get him down!
-I'm sorry to disturb you.
-View from here is quite... pleasant.
-But both of us have a lot of things to do.
-Perfect, that's really better like that.
-Dear friend, do you know what I hold in my hands ?
-Ung! A Pipe of Truth...
-It won't work on me.
-I'm under divine protection.

Thank youuuuu !

Many thanks to a friend who did this beautiful colorization of the Krakkorn drawing. He did this as a recreation, but the result is just amazing ! Thank you !

dimanche 25 avril 2010


For those who's wondering what the big illustration thing is for. Here is a hint...

What a mess !

Uh,uh,uh... very  very messy at this stage. But here is another view on the (BIG) illustration I'm working on (actual resolution : 10630*5056). Still lot of work to do on this one :)

samedi 24 avril 2010

Photoshop Autosave.

A friend of mine has developped a small app that allow Photoshop to autosave your work every few seconds. The process seems efficient and reliable. This is an early version, so if you want to test it, don't forget to backup your work somewhere else before using it. The author plan to add more features as a historic list.

The instructions:

There a little install to do manually but this is very simple.

-A- Download following ZIP file first :

-B- Drop the directory "SAMA_AutoSave" somewhere on your HDD.

-C- There is 2 lines to edit in the "SAMA_AutoSave.cmd" file.
You can open it with Textpad or another ASCII editor.

    chdir "C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS4 (64 Bit)"
    "Photoshop.exe" "C:SAMA_AutoSaveSAMA_AutoSave.jsx"

  Chdir : please check If the Photoshop Dirctory is correct. (Mine is CS4-64bits)
  2nd line, 2nd "...." : is about the jsx file, my autosave function. Please check if the directory is correct, etc.... If you dropped the directory in the C:/ root there is no modification to do.

To run the *.cmd file, just double click on it when Photoshop is open with one of your file.

It will save your current file (not the other file open) after a little delay. Always the same delay.

All the time you keep the DOS window open, it will continue to save after a little delay.

To Stop the AutoSave program, just close the DOS window.

Functionalities are very poor, this a very first test.
But it works, doesn't crash when saving.

Please test it, and say to me if you want more custom functions.
And I will start to develop a more interesting functionality as we spoke about on the top.

Please note the following points (this can be do easily ) :

If you start the *.cmd file and photoshop is close :
When trying to save, it will automatically start photoshop and then an error will appear.
This is just because i didn't clean my very small code yet, nothing bad.

 The delay is currently very shot.
 In the *.cmd file, at the following part of the code :

    ping -n 3 >NUL

you can edit the number "3". this is not exactly seconds. Maybe 3 is 6 seconds... or 10?
I dunno yet... need to find more details about it.
Just edit it, bigger value will create a long delay, smaller value will reduce the delay. Up to you.

vendredi 23 avril 2010

New website design !

Yeah, I was quite bored with this one. I tried to make something more current and flashy. I get rid of the gallery which were to heavy for some bandwith. You cans till access it through the "Work" item on the menu.
Hope you'll like it !

5ive Progress Report

The game is still under "production". Core gameplay is now working well. There's still work to do, as I plan to add lots of features...

-Story Mode will be a sort of a dating sim. You'll have to know every NPCs intimaly to gain acces to more content.
-RPG system will help the player to progress more fluetly and to deal with more and more challenging levels. From very simple, the gameplay will turn to be more complex and deep. So The player will have to gain XP to level up, and acquire new skills, units, and costumes to help him.
-RTS / Defense system. In further levels and stages, the player will have to deal with waves of enemies, which will try to break. Main goal will be to clear the grid to reveal the "encrypted" picture, but also to protect and defend your "base". The player will be helped by special units which will have to be build using gathered ressources.
-Pet system. I'm not sure about this. But I think it will be an interesting addition. The pet will grow and could give the player efficient hints and assist him.
-More user friendly level editor. Maybe adding the possibility to create your own  story mode, and add custom NPCs and UI. It depends mainly on how I will deal with the dating sim part.

Core gameplay is done (which is actually the same as the previous version). And I finally add the possibility to do combos (clearing a line and a column as the same time).
Now, I'm working on the RTS aspect of the game. Things are starting to be quite interesting. And I'm very eager to see all this elements put together. I'll post an alpha version as soon the RTS components will be finished.

5ive  is still developped using Darkbasic Pro, and I switched for a 3D display, wich allow me to add more stuff and lighting effect. Performances are quite good for the moment.

You can still post your ideas and feedback on the 5 beta forum...

vendredi 16 avril 2010

Dungeon Guards - Prepare for battle !

A first glimps at the illustration I'm currently working on. A quite ambitious one. But i's really enjoyable to do it.

Frank West is back

Made for the upcoming amazing Dokkun Fanzine.

Edit : I added a watermark on this illustration, because, the post card it was made for will be available at Japan Expo (from July the 1st to 4th), in Villepinte, at the Dokkun booth. So if you want the full version, you'll have to say hello and be nice with Fabrissou, which will sell you this for a small fee. There will be many other very nice items to buy. So come visit Dokkun !!!

vendredi 9 avril 2010

Dungeon Guards - Xandros

Hope you'll like it.
As usual, for work on paper :

vendredi 2 avril 2010

5 next update.

Well, it's more like a remake than a simple update.
I decided to switch to real time 3D, instead of 2D. Mostly because it helps to improve performances
and it's cooler. I thought that it will be more complicated to code in 3D, but actually, there's not a lot of differences, as the gameplay is mainly 2D.

So here is a small preview. Well, I just did that yesterday. Nothing impressive.
But it can give you a small idea of what 5 new version will be.

I'll post another article about the gameplay changes.

Have a nice day !

jeudi 1 avril 2010

Farewell !

"yup, just a small post to tell you that from today, I will completely cease all of my gay drawings activity.
I just realized that all this stuff is useless. And I don't enjoy doing that no more.
This blog will shut down soon.
Sorry guys, and take care !"

Well, actually, it was a april foool's joke.
I'm working on a new version of Five actually.
More soon !