samedi 5 février 2011

Beautiful Dead - Artwork

Here is an illustration of the 2 main characters of the amazing Class Comics project written by the amazing Robert Fraser, who are amazingly patient. I already made few things for Beautiful Dead, which have already been posted on Mr Fraser's Blog. I hope to have more time to work on it, in full time, soon. So, as requested, I'll do some illustrations and concept arts from time to time to keep this project alive.

These are the new versions of Gage and Hayden, about to have rough sex, even if Zombies are about to rip them off.  "This is the end of the world. Let's have sex now , before it's too late." And no, this is not a spoiler, because this situation is not in the script.

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This looks recent.
DongSaeng has a blog.
I strongly hope that his blog will be updated often, because I'm a huge fan of his art !!!
Coloring, drawing, anatomy, his illustration are always very inspiring, and his guys are always cute and sweet.