vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Mr Fraser 's Blog !!!

Expect some very naughty thing in it. Certainly NSFW.But it's nice to have a glimpse on the creative mind of Mr Fraser well known for his very entertaining scripts for Class Comics...

It's an order...

BTW, I don't have much time to post anything new...
Maybe the end of next week... I'm currently working on some gig for a game company. I won't last very long as it's a comic commission for an IPAD release...
I'll post some stuff about that soon.

Take care !

lundi 13 septembre 2010


I just visited his website. And I'm really fond of this guy work, it's a shame there's not a lot more.
But the few artworks exposed there, are just simply beautiful, IMHO. It's quite disturbing. It's Egon Schiele but in a more Pop Art way.
If there was a second season for Work of Art : Next Great Artist (BTW, congratulations for Abdi), Jose should definitely consider to be one of the contestant. Oh, and Jose is cute.

jeudi 2 septembre 2010

Dead Rising 2...Combo Card !!!

It looks like Chuck Greene found a new one... The Double Dildo ! I'm not sure if it's a very efficient weapon. But it looks fun. Yeah, you already guess, I played Dead Rising 2 : Case Zero, and I really really enjoy it, despite the lack of nice underwear in it...