mercredi 26 mai 2010

Dungeon Guards : Prologue.

Available soon in the wonderful Dokkun Fanzine, if everything's all right.
I'm too lazy to post a preview of every single page. I could have done that, because there's only 7, but I decided to make a small teaser made of different panels, instead.
Dokkun will be at the Paris Japan Expo, July, the 1st. I will probably be there too, to cheer up Fabrissou and the team. The fanzine will be available for online purchase after the end of the convention.

mercredi 19 mai 2010

MFTG! - un essai de truc pas forcément convaincant.

Tout est dit dans le titre. Désolé pour les anglophones, il va falloir user de google translate... Parce que, il faut bien le dire, après avoir consulter ma page google analytics, je me suis bien rendu compte que les "frenchies" ne se bousculaient pas vraiment aux portes, pourtant très ouvertes (comme mon... euh... non, rien.), de mon blog. Donc, en toute logique, j'ai décidé d'ajouter un peu de contenu exclusivement francophone pour les attirer de nouveaux. Oui, je sais, il ne suffit pas de mettre tout en français, pour rendre le site "french friendly". Il faut aussi des trucs super interessants. Bah, ça sera pas pour cette fois. Donc, voici le premier episode assez fou, assez dingue, assez incroyable, assez trépidant, de mon strip blog. Voilà, j'espère que vous apprécierez.

Non, vraiment, ne me remerciez pas... Il n'y a VRAIMENT pas de quoi... uh, uh, uh.

mardi 18 mai 2010

Red Dead Redemption - Fan Art.

I'm completely obsessed by this game... I even dream about it. I didn't feel such thing for a game since... Resident Evil 4. This is the kind of game which will hypnotize you and make your soul its own. Demon's Souls was a little bit like that, but its difficulty made the process much more painful. Red Dead Redemption is immersive and pleasant to play, you won't want to leave it. This is quite dangerous, but fortunately it only lasts 20h.

So I made a quick fan art of John Marston. I think my version is not very accurate, but well, I hope you'll see few resemblances  with the original one. The real one is not very handsome, but he's very charismatic, and it is something quite difficult to put into an illustration. And yes : I don't know how to draw fire weapons...

vendredi 7 mai 2010

Dungeon Guards - Big illustration - Xandros

Today, I finished both coloring Xandros, and the background. I was considering adding another character in background (The Incubus), but it makes the composition unbalanced and awkward. So I changed my mind and keep the whole composition as is. I plan to distribute the illustration as a set of posters, so you will be able to choose your favorite character, or to pick the whole characters in a single (big) one.I will also make a very special version (like a super mega hyper deluxe limited collector edition), but it's a surprise. More details and more characters to come !

Xandros stand alone poster :

Xandros, "panoramic" stand alone poster (just to show the background better) - you can use it as a wallpaper if you want :)

A working in progress version to show where Xandros will be in the "ensemble" illustration :

mardi 4 mai 2010

Ca va piquer.

Another Dungeon Guards (Prologue)  page.
Here is the translation:

-Shhh! Your god has left this place since a long time ago...
-Holy Knights are so stiff... Relax...
-If you don't, it's going to hurt.
-Interesting. This is making you very wet
-I'm sure you're going to enjoy this.
-One last step.
-The best is yet to come.

And no... I won't post the uncensored version. You'll have to buy the Dokkun fanzine. I know, I'm evil. mwhahahaha.