lundi 31 janvier 2011

Comic for Dokkun. A little preview.

4 more pages...
I re-posted the 2 already shown pages, so you'll have a better idea on the continuity.
It could be a little hard to understand the sequence, as there's no dialogue yet. But, hey... it's just a preview...
At least, you'll know what this will be about.

to be continued...

in Dokkun !

I won't post any more pages... to avoid any spoilers...

dimanche 23 janvier 2011

Cross fingers for Dokkun 3.

I was very sorry not to be able to participate in the amazing Dokkun #2. I hope I will make it for Dokkun 3.
Deadlines are very short. Well, I'll do my best to deliver as many  pages as my schedule is allowing me right now. Now, you just have to guess what it will be about (that's not very difficult, though).

samedi 22 janvier 2011

samedi 15 janvier 2011

Love this, Love That : KN'K - Start Something

I'm not used to talk about music. I'm not an expert, but a friend of mine made me listen to the band, he plays in, for live sessions. Which is was totally fortunate, because I was looking for a "fetish" album to listen to, to motivate me while I work. I found it.
The band is called "KN'K" and the just released their first album and generously shared it on SoundCloud.
This is typically the kind of music I can listen all day, shaking my head, and bouncing all around my bedroom, or make me work faster and help me being creative. We can say that it was "love at first sight (or listening)". This is rare to listen to some music that resonates instantly in yourself (that can happen if you put your IPod in the wrong place, though).
So this first album is called "Start Something", and we can say they started and achieved an awesome something. If you're into Electro Pop, if you love Depeche Mode (the voice of the singer is sometime very close), and fun and smart music like Hot Chip, but with a more dramatic, "heavy" and "tough" sound, listen and love it now .

vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Fan Art : Tangled

Fabrissou told me about this movie. It seems really fun.
So here is my rendition of Flynn Rider, and, well... a bara version of Rapunzel (let's call him Rapunzek).

mercredi 12 janvier 2011


Tera is another korean MMORPG. I might seem a little bit obsessed, but it is not my fault if this country has the best artists in the world. So Tera is another beautiful korean game. Open Beta has started in korea, and has a lot of (deserved) success. For those who never heard of it :

lots of videos on youtube :

korean website :

US website : (beta will start around summer 2011)

I was planning playing it tonight. But the servers went down for maintenance. So I decided to make a fan art of my sorcerer character :

samedi 1 janvier 2011

Love this, Love that ...

Ooouh, I love that ! A lot... It's a shame this blog isn't updated very often. But you should check this out, mostly for this awesome illustration. Link has never been sexier... Colors and anatomy are amazing !

Yokai 01
And that too : Logan, the god of all the gay illustrators, posted some awesome studies for the short comic to be published in Dokkun 3. It looks like it's the direct sequel of the previous amazing comics he did (in Dokkun 2). Logan seems to have a lot of fun with the watercolor brushes in Photoshop. And it looks like he read Hellboy a lot, too (the flying heads), uh uh uh uh...