dimanche 27 mars 2011

Kn'K - Start Something... is out !!!

This wonderful music album (I already did a post about it), is finally available ! I'm still listening to this, and I don't even get bored. So inspiring !
Click The beautiful cover art to get it now !

Dungeon Guards - Holy Warrior

Well, I already posted that on my Facebook page but in a very small size...
Since it's a long time I didn't post anything on this blog, I decided to put a larger version...
A much larger version !!! Enjoy !

This illustration is intended for a life-size poster print (100*200 cm), or a life-size cut-out. I don't know, yet.

The full pictures are only half of the actual resolution (4000*7200), but they are still quite huuge, details pictures are in full resolution.

Obviously, click on the pictures to get the high resolution...