lundi 16 février 2009

Capitol Hillbillies

Didn't hear of it before, until someone put the link in the comments. I guess it's some poor attempt to make hidden advertising ;) . But you know what ? This is actually a really fun and smart gay webcomic. So go check it !

samedi 7 février 2009

Dungeon Guards, The Game - Characters part3.

Here is the third playable character. As every RPG, this one is a magic driven character. The Elf Druid will be able to heal his partners, and will be able to change himself into a powerful wolf like creature.

Here is the "wolf like" version:

And, yes, for those who watch a lot of brit TV, this character is strongly inspired by some actor who I have a "crush" on. Try to guess who.

dimanche 1 février 2009

Dungeon Guards, The Game - Characters. part 1

As I promised, here is the first playable character.
He will be the first one you meet on your journey.
He's wearing a low-level equipment. I didn't post the nude version, because I don't want to spoil that part of the game. I'll post more next week. See ya !